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Recent Developments

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. (HTA) of Clearwater, Florida and Pure Tech Ventures, SA of Panama City, Panama have announced the formation of a new Joint Venture to be known as PURE AQUYGEN.
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Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. (HTA) has recently completed an initial round of testing with a Ford F250 (diesel) and on-board system producing Aquygen® gas. HTA was able to show about a 21% increase in fuel economy for these initial tests. Results from this testing can be seen at this link.

What Sets Us Apart

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. (HTA) is a leading alternative energy Research and Development company dedicated to becoming a world-class participant in the hydrogen fuel and alternative energy marketplace through the introduction of unique, technologically innovative and environmentally friendly products and services that utilize the company's proprietary core technologies.

At HTA, we recognize the problem posed by the ever-decreasing supply of fossil fuel and through dedicated research and innovative development we are building evolutionary solutions that can have a tremendous and lasting impact on relieving the global dependence on oil.

HTA's first product was the Model 1500 Aquygen® Gas Generator that efficiently produces a high performing combustible gas that is generated from water. When ignited the gas delivers an exceptionally aggressive burn that's unique in several aspects and has multiple market applications.

What Is Aquygen® gas?

Aquygen® gas, also commonly known as HHO, is an industrial gas invented by our Founder, Mr. Dennis J. Klein. Our patented gas generator converts ordinary water into a hydrogen/oxygen gas that, chemically, posses several very unique properties not typically found in other HHO gases.

HTA values the research and hard work of generations past, and strives to improve methods and materials that work to enhance existing technologies. Aquygen® gas supplements standard vehicle fuels such as gasoline and diesel, increasing BTUs while decreasing emissions. Aquygen® gas can also replace conventional soldering, brazing and cutting gases for use with standard equipment and techniques while producing superior results at less cost with no oxidation, no burn back, and minimal slag and, Aquygen® gas gives off no toxic fumes.

Aquygen® gas when burned as an additive to liquid and other solid and or gaseous fuels, substantially enhances performance allowing instantly for decreased fuel consumption and emissions.

Aquygen® gas requires no oxygen to burn.

But Aquygen® gas is more than the average industrial gas. We see a greater potential, beyond even the extraordinary results that already sets Aquygen® gas apart from other typical HHO gases. Driven by this broader vision, we have continued to develop new applications for Aquygen® gas, including U.S. Defense related applications, automotive applications and those for large scale commercial applications to be announced later.

Aquygen® gas qualifies as an alternative fuel!

Recent Updates

6 October 2009 - HTA has recently completed an initial round of testing with a Ford F250 (diesel) and on-board system producing Aquygen® gas. Results from this testing can be seen here.

30 July 2009 - HTA announces publication of US 12/354,003 and PCT/US2009/031597 patent applications, Method to enhance and improve solid carbonaceous fuel combustion systems using a hydrogen-rich gas.

21 May 2009 - HTA/RAI received notice of issuance of Romanian Patent Number 1018805, Procedure of obtaining automotive fuels and the modified fuels obtained by means of this procedure.

30 April 2009 - HTA/RAI received notice of issuance of Romanian Patent Number 1019326, Method of using lean fuel-air mixtures at all operating regimes of a spark ignition engine.